Industry workshops

Workshop I:  Setting single-use technology standards for biopharmaceutical production processes
This workshop is organized and will be run by specialists from the DECHEMA “Single-use technology” expert group as well as Sartorius Stedim. Recommendations, which support the implementation of single-use technology, will be presented and discussed.

Workshop II:  Facility of the future
This workshop will focus on recent technology developments for flexible manufacturing and will cover upstreaming, downstreaming and fill & finish. The companies Sartorius Stedim Biotech and
GE Healthcare, both in co-operation with users, have already confirmed their participation.

Workshop III.  Single-use technologies for the development and production of cell and gene therapeutics
The workshop will examine important devices and techniques (from culture media to microcarriers and single-use equipment for bioprocessing) which are suitable for the development and production of cell and gene therapeutics. Companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Merck, Micro-Sphere and Cell Culture Technologies will make contributions.

Workshop IV:  Continuous bioprocessing with single-use systems
This workshop will present novel single-use devices and technologies which support continuous processes in both upstreaming and downstreaming.  The workshop will be run by specialists from Repligen, Pall Life Sciences, GE Healthcare, Filtrox and Levitronix.

Workshop V:  Recent developments in the field of USP, DSP and PAT
The workshop will focus on PAT and recently developed single-use devices for up- and downstream processing. Contributions will be made by specialists from smartINST, Adolf Kühner, Infors AG, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Purolite Life Sciences.


Online registration for the conference will be open until 29th August 2016.