Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Post workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the existing training opportunities in the field of flexible biopharmaceutical manufacturing with single-use systems and technologies. In addition, we would like to investigate requirements from both supplier and user perspectives. The five main questions that we hope to answer are:

  • Are the current student training courses offered by academic institutions in Europe and the USA sufficient for suppliers and users?
  • What are the main topics that Bachelor students should understand? • What are the main topics that Master students should understand?
  • Is it necessary to educate “new biotechnologists“ to be more familiar with fabrication methods for plastic devices, the implementation of single-use systems, how to work with them and how to apply them?
  • What are the topics need to be included in further training courses for industry specialists?

The goal is that the discussions from this meeting will be developed into a DECHEMA recommendation or position paper to be published in Engineering of Life Sciences.

The participants (except members of DECHEMA group "single-use technology" and invited speakers) are asked to send a registration mail to Katharina Blaschczok.

Session chair Karin Tiemann, DECHEMA
10:30 - 10:35 Welcome and introduction
10:35 - 11:55 Keynotes and discussion
10:35 - 10:55 What do suppliers need?
Thorsten Peuker, Sartorius Stedim Biotech
10:55 - 11:15 User requirements
Stefan Robert Schmidt, Rentschler Biotechnologie
11:15 - 11:35 Situation in the USA
James Dean Vogel, The BioProcess Institute, and Eric Langer, BioPlan Associates
11:35 - 11:55 DECHEMA group and the ZHAW: Ongoing and planned activities
Regine Eibl, ZHAW
11:55 - 12:00 Summary and outlook
12:00 Lunch and informal discussions


Online registration for the conference will be open until 29th August 2016.